2010 SRA-west Provisional Schedule

Here is the official unofficial schedule for the series I race with. TBC is “too be confirmed” as we have no official deal yet with those two venues. The May event is really TBC anyway, as there is a national racing series that may have us join them the same weekend in Sonoma, California.

Sidecar Racers Association West

3/20-21 (Rnd 1) Rosamond, CA (Willow Springs)

4/23-25 (Rnds 2-3) Rosamond, CA (Willow Springs)

4/30-5/2 (Rnds 4-5) Portland, OR (Portland Raceway)

5/15-16 (Rnd 6) Rosamond, CA (Willow Springs)

9/3-5 (Rnds 7-8) Tooele, UT (Miller Motorsports Park)

10/2-3 (Rnd 9) TBC Willows, CA (Thunderhill)

10/20-21 (Rnd 10) Rosamond, CA (Willow Springs)

11/6-7 (Rnd 11-12) Las Vegas, NV (Las Vegas Motor Speedway)

11/20-21 (Rnd 13) Rosamond, CA (Streets Of Willow)

Remember that the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is June 27th and the week prior to that. I will be attending as a driver, my application was accepted. More on that later though.

-Johnny K-

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