Come As You Are: Bagger Racing Deserves Some Respect

custom harley davidson bagger motorcycle

Hello all,

I just wanted to let people know I had an article go live today. It’s an op-ed about the “King of the Baggers” racing being scheduled to happen with MotoAmerica at their Laguna Seca event in July.

As a long-time sidecar racer I’m used to people questioning why I would race an awkward machine on a racetrack. The answer is obvious: because racing. I had a lot of fun, a lot of hardship, and a million memories I’ll carry with me for decades to come.

No reason for me to rewrite the article though: take a look for yourself here on the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys’ blog:

2 thoughts on “Come As You Are: Bagger Racing Deserves Some Respect

  1. Buck Hiltebeitel says:

    I heard the same talk years ago when I was drag racing 6 cylinder cars. I was doing what I could afford and what challenged me. Anybody could go out and buy a race motor and chassis in the higher classes.


    1. johnnykillmore says:

      Yes EXACTLY. I remember years ago seeing a guy with a Dodge (or maybe Plymouth Valiant?) running a Slant-6. He gas the thing to run low 13’s without beefing up the bottom end. I thought that was amazing. Same thing with the guys in Asia taking 2-stroke scooters and building them to do 1/8 mile. They looked like tiny top-fuel bikes with skinny tires. Great stuff.


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