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MyLifeAtSpeed© are long-time friends and die-hard enthusiasts:


MotoGuild© is a friend and supporter of Team Johnny Killmore:


 Debra McDaniel is the best CPA a racer could hope for. An adventurer herself, when she is not scuba-diving or sponsoring AMA race teams, she is handling the tax and accounting needs for racers, dealerships, companies, and yours truly. Certified in all 50 states. Thanks Debbie!!!


The Veterans Charity Ride is motorcycle therapy of the highest order. Good people getting together to put disabled vets into the wind and into the brotherhood of the road. I ask that you do more than consider donating, I ask that you get on their mailing list. This is not a once-a-year rally; veterans suffer crippling loneliness every day and you can do something by hopping on your bike and participating. Stay aware, stay involved.


Cliff Jacobs Wheel Repair has done the team a great service with a fast turn around, several times too, since we keep bending the hell out of our wheels during tire changes. Thanks Cliff!!!


Fellow sidecar racers Lady Fifteen have a page here:


Team Johnny Killmore competes in the SRA-West© series:


The team also competes in a national exhibition series with AHRMA:


Although I have no affiliation with them and they have no affiliation with motorcycles, Roadkill started as two guys with a youtube channel sharing videos of their road trips. The silliness grew into a web-based TV series via Motor Trend© and it’s the best show on the internet. You can jump in on any episode on their youtube channel, subscribe to their latest on MotorTrendTV, or immerse yourself in all things cool via the community on their website. General Mayhem is still their best build, but they have so much coolness, and have so much fun. Killmore approved.


Guardian Bells© ride on all of Johnny’s bikes and their zipper pulls hang from all of his riding gear. A little extra help is always appreciated, and so is a little extra style.