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Strategic Protocol Motorsport is an American sidecar racing team from Las Vegas, Nevada. Pilot Johnny Killmore is an accomplished racer in the three-wheeled world, where he has won numerous national and regional championships while also setting records as the fastest sidecar to summit Pikes Peak during the world famous hillclimb.


Currently Johnny partners with co-pilot Matt Blank, but the team has expanded into a stable of capable racers. This includes a second pilot, Sean Devlin, along with co-pilots Mike Naddorious, Regina Elwell, and Jamie Crawford. Glance at any of their social media feeds and you will likely notice they have something in common besides sidecars: BASE jumping. Johnny notes, “when I look for partners in this sport there aren’t a lot of parallels to draw from, but when I find rock climbers, BASE jumpers, and skaters then I know they are used to physicality and risk.” Interesting checklist…


Pikes Peak ppihc racing sidecar sidecar187 practice
Photo: Drew Phillips

Partnering with Strategic Protocol allows the team access to extensive marketing and film expertise, along with big names in music, film, and fashion. This makes the team a standout in more than just their speed, but also in their ability to create high-quality branded content. “The team’s many connections in different industries lets us create tailored packages with our sponsors,” says Jacob Jades, team manager. “It’s more than just putting your sticker on our racebike: we create meaningful engagement through music, video, and writing to give sponsors a stream of exciting content that will increase engagement and drive traffic.”

sidecar willow springs racing sidecar187
Photo: Team Johnny Killmore.

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matt blank hangs off sidecar187 racing sidecar
Photo: Team Johnny Killmore.


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