I am an accomplished racer in the three-wheeled world, winning numerous national and regional championships while also setting records as the fastest sidecar to summit Pikes Peak during the world famous hillclimb. I’ve also raced on two wheeled disciplines such as Supermoto and road racing, and currently have ambitions to do hooligan flat track and desert racing.

Pikes Peak ppihc racing sidecar sidecar187 practice
Photo: Drew Phillips

Getting back to two-wheeled racing will give me new challenges, but the current focus is on travel, through a project I created called 2hearts1horizon. This will be an extensive trip around North America, giving me more chances to write, to explore, and to deepen my bond with the world at large. Once I settle back in I’ll have ample time to refocus on racing and guided tours.

matt blank hangs off sidecar187 racing sidecar
Photo: Team Johnny Killmore.

High performance driving is more than a hobby or a passion… it’s part of my personality. I interface with the controls of machines the same way I interface with a guitar while playing music. I can’t ignore that surreal feeling of becoming one with a machine, so there will always be a part of me looking for the next challenge whether it be stunts, racing, long-distance record setting, or free-riding through the world.


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