My Cat Got Hit By A Car Today

No, it´s not really racing news, but it really sucks.

The little guy is already blind in one eye and has the worst balance I´ve ever seen in my life. It happened right in front of the house. I pulled in on the bike, and as I was taking off my helmet I saw him behind me. He is like a dog and comes running up whenever I pull in. Usually he is in the driveway. I noticed as I turned to face him he wasn´t running, but hobbling really badly. I could tell he was stunned and immediately ran over to him. The car that had just driven by never even had it´s brake lights on; a green Excursion or Expedition.

He obviously had his hip broken in a couple places. he ran under my van and I had to fish him out. I ran in, grabbed the key to my van, and loaded him up. He started breathing short and fast, which is never a good sign. Could just be shock, but it often times a result of ruptured organs.

I fortunately live about a mile from an animal hospital, and shot in there. I shelled out for the x-rays, but they didn´t really do a damn thing. They confirmed how bad his hip was, and gave us a ¨maybe¨ on internal bleeding. There is either a pocket of gas from a ruptured bowel, or some fat that is supposed to be there (he´s been getting bit heavy the last month or two). Talk about $140 to find out what you already guessed. There is no way for me to take care of him considering the state he was in, so I left him overnight at the hospital. He is on an IV and had some pain meds and antibiotics running in him, along with a catheter. I will pick him up tomorrow after work, assuming he is alive.

I´m not a huge fan of hte idea of him laying alone overnight after such a huge trauma, but I think it´s better he get some meds. He was so weak the last time I saw him. He just laid there with his head down. He managed to lift his head up and look around, which encouraged me, but then he laid down again, breathing a heavy sigh.

I completely believe in the power of intention, so I ask everyone to take a minute and think some good thoughts for the little guy. You can say a quick prayer, or you can just hold him in your mind with positive envergy going out toward him. However you do it, take a minute and do it, please. He´s not even 2 years old, and I totally love the guy.




William ¨Romeo¨ Scissorclaws

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