More Work On The Bike

Spent a few hours grinding and cutting on the frame of the Windle today. I had to get a lot of paint off of the frame, doing the prep work for my sponsor/fabricator Bill Becker. With the deep discount I´m getting on labor,  I have to do the prep work and as much heavy work as possible. The entire bottom pan of the bike came off, and we will build a new one with better oil containment for safety (the engine must have an oil catch pan under it per the rule book). The deck came off of the ¨chair¨ (the passenger is really just riding on a flat piece of sheet metal), and right now it´s really just a frame with wheels and brakes. All of the old engine mounting tabs have been removed. There are a few more tasks to finish, then the wheels will come off and the bike will go onto the table. Bill will basically cut the middle of the bike off, allowing the new engine to sit further forward to aid in front tire traction. Then plates will go from the engine mounts to the front of the frame, allowing the engine itself to stiffen the frame in the missing middle section.

Easy enough, eh? Then just build a wiring harness, custom make and exhaust, figure out where to put a muffler, rebuild the drivers seat so I dont lean on the new airbox that mounts on top of the engine, and design new radiator ducts. Oh, and put in a radiator fan too. Then build a new mount for the seat. Oh, and the new oil catch pan… and the….

Then we can paint it. Season starts in March.


2 thoughts on “More Work On The Bike

    1. johnnykillmore says:

      No pics that day; didn´t have my camera. Looks the same as the last entry but with no pan or deck. I like the grey, but to sponsors, promoters, organizers, and non-racing fans, it looks cheap as hell… which it is. Time for something business-like, but with some gloss. If I cant get it done before the season, I will get it done in the summer break.


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