Next Race, Coming Right Up!

May 15-16 we will be at Willow Springs Raceway for our final race before the summer break. The team will be without passenger Vanessa McClure, who will be out of state and unable to attend. Such is the story of racers who battle on their own dime. I have a passenger who I have done a few laps with previously. At 80% things felt quite well sorted, so I expect a good showing nonetheless.

May 15th will also be a first ever test for my Pikes Peak passenger, Giorgina Gottleib. She has never been on a sidecar racer of any sort, so we will use some time with my road racing machine to get used to one another. When we reach Colorado, practice will begin immediately on the Motocross sidecar we will use. Having an affinity with each other before hand will surely help us as we begine to sort out the new machine.

I would also like to remind my regular followers to keep an eye peeled for Johnny Killmore on Facebook. That medium requires more constant updating, so it is the first place fans can find news about the team. Not only that, but Vanessa and Giorgina both have pages as well. It’s a great way to find out more of the racers that make up our effort.

Thanks for tuning in,


2 thoughts on “Next Race, Coming Right Up!

    1. johnnykillmore says:

      I wish I had time to go into it. Trying to get all these magazine articles going is killing me. I have to do everything 3rd person, without all the detail. I’m actually sick of formatting my stuff and not getting paid, so expect a lot more content here in the future. I’d rather write for myself.
      The short answer is, I got 3rd, but there’s a lot more to the story than that. Ran with my Pikes Peak passenger for the first time, and used a rookie passenger in the race. Brake changes, engine problems…. a lot to talk about.


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