Race Preview, SRA-West Round 7-8

Well the big race in Utah is fast approaching. Several interesting things are happening behind the scenes within Team Johnny Killmore. First off, passenger Giorgina Gottlieb will not be able to attend, as a personal emergency came up just last week that requires her back home in California. With such short notice, stand in passengers Chris Rizzo and Nathan Urbanovsky were unable to make arrangements to be there, leaving the chair empty at a “passenger-critical” track. The many left hand turns and the fact that many medium-speed corners flow into each other makes this the most demanding course for passengers on the 2011 calendar.

Fortunately, this race is with vintage race organization AHRMA, and the Cretins MC (motorcycle club) will have several members there riding their many vintage race bikes. I now have four different prospects to weed through during the weekend, and I’m sure one of them will make the cut. It’s still a let down as Gina has not raced the bike since April, and I was looking forward to the challenges of Miller Motorsports Park with her.

Secondly, the team is trying a new tire this race. While we still remain with Hoosier, we will be trying their street-legal race tire, which is basically a slick tire with some grooves cut in it. However, street legal tires have a quicker warm up time, operate in different temperatures, and offer somewhat better wet weather performance. The lower operating temperature is actually a downside in this type of racing, but it could prove to be a huge help when racing Pikes Peak, where the speeds are slower and you are required to be fast right from the start line (not to mention the constant threat of a wet track at higher altitudes). The tire will only be operated on the rear, where the most heat and potential damage can be done. This also means that if the tire overheats, we will only get wheelspin, whereas if the front were to overheat, we’d be unable to turn with any precision.  If it works out, we will wrap all three wheels in the DOT tires and try that out. Stay tuned.

Third, technical glitches with the 3rd party app I use to post updates means I cannot give text updates while on my mobile phone. However, I can still send pictures, and a caption. On that note, stay tuned this weekend for updates from trackside, but if you see a picture of the ground or something random, click on it and look at the caption; it may be unrelated to the picture, but will have current information.

The format is Friday practice, and then Saturday and Sunday will have two morning practices and one race, which will happen slightly after lunch, US Central time zone.


That is all for now,

Johnny K-

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