2014 Onboard Footage: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

2014 was a year to remember for the team. With co-pilot Giorgina Gottlieb suffering severe injuries in April it was up to pilot John Wood to keep up the fight by any means possible. Using seven different passengers in eight  events meant “passenger roulette” rules were in effect. At Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Johnny literally used a new passenger (or two) every practice session but was unable to find anyone. But when a rival team lost it’s engine just before the race, help came in the form of John Glover, an accomplished speedway passenger and rookie road-racing passenger. Still, only having the warm up lap to figure out where the handholds were meant the pair was going to have to figure out each others style when the green flag dropped. Onboard footage does not capture how much work is going on, and also fails to show the battle they are in for most of the race. However those points are moot as technical problems keep the from being posted online. Fortunately it was a double-header event, with two races.

On Sunday the pair had a bit more practice time but amazingly were running the same lap times, partly due to a rear tire that was well past its prime after Saturday’s battle.  The action is happening in front of them at least, giving a good example of the seesaw battle as they gain and lose ground on the leaders each turn:


Stay tuned for more action as we search through the stack of SD cards that have accumulated all year!

-Team Johnny Killmore

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