Dakar Update: Malle Moto Rider Lyndon Poskitt

“…at the moment this feels more like survival than a race.”

The folks at Adventure Spec received a call from their man Lyndon Poskitt. The Races to Places star may have reached folk hero status the other day when Dakar Rally editors decided to lead their daily “Dakar Heroes” video with Lyndon’s tutorial on how to poo on the race course (yes, that happened).

The interview’s transcription is included in this article, found in Adventure Spec’s e-magazine Tracks. In it you can see what five days in the Malle Moto class will do to a person, racing unsupported and having to do all maintenance, navigation, and riding alone. The competitors in this class stick together in the bivouac, but each must race their own race.

Lyndon is sore after stepping off the bike several times and just plain-old exhaustion. The man himself says it better than I can, so give it a look and get the behind-the-scenes action straight from the Pyndon’s mouth.


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