Welcome to Johnny’s Blog!

My life is a series of lists, dreams, and sunsets. I am always trying to organize the little time I have on this planet to maximize every experience, every emotion and interaction; often I feel overwhelmed. I am always thinking of a way to go faster on my race bike, or a new side project to become obsessed with. This conflicts with a naturally lazy disposition. I’d like to lay in a hammock and do nothing, a whiskey sour next to me. Something inside me is always driving me forward though, like an inner power source pushing me toward greater things and new levels of understanding. To escape this conflict within myself I need only set out on my street bike for a long weekend ride, or plug in my bass guitar and get lost in the sounds and emotions I create. Making music is the relief valve that levels me out… keeps me sane. Creating an emotion with sound in time is a miracle. It’s easy to take for granted, but I’m no rock star. I make emotion, and music is the medium. It lets you be in all places at once. The opposite is to be intensely in one place only, which is where racing comes in. The focus required to move myself and the machine at speed is intoxicating. To stay calm under such stress is one of my favorite things to do. It’s like driving convoy through Iraq, without the chance of a road-side bomb blowing you up. All I want is everything I think of, and the things I haven’t thought of yet… Push forward or fall behind.

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