FOR SALE: 2001 Aprilia Mille R Motorcycle

27k miles
$5300 o.b.o.

What we have here is an exotic Italian sport motorcycle with a bullet-proof Austrian designed engine. I’ve had this bike for over a year and used it as primary transportation for most of that time. It has 27k miles and has needed no unscheduled maintenance other than replacing the voltage regulator several months back. The rear tire is BRAND NEW and only has about 170 miles on it. The front tire is fairly worn, but with several thousand miles of tread left. It wears a high mount Akropovik “shotgun” style exhaust, is de-restricted, and has an ECM map to match. The bike just had a full service (except fuel filter, which I have but did not replace), and needs nothing. Next items to replace would be the aforementioned front tire and the chain and sprockets.
Even though the bike is an “R” model with Ohlins suspension/steering damper and carbon fiber bits, it still has the subframe for carrying passengers. I have a stock muffler and passenger pegs for this, and all that’s needed it a passenger seat ($180 through the dealer). The title is in hand and registration has just been non-opped, saving any late fees with the DMV.
The reason I’m selling the bike is because it’s not a great daily driver; having to worry about where to park it and being leaned over the tank is just getting old. I’d consider partial trades for an older KLR650 or DR650SE, perhaps an XR650L. Cash buyers have more leeway in negotiating.
Asking $5300

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