FOR SALE: Honda CBR600RR front end

I’ve had this front end for about 2 years now, with the intent of putting it on a vintage bike. I doubt I’ll ever do it, so lets get it into some hands that can make use of it. This is the first year for the 600RR, still wearing right-side-up forks. There are plenty of chips on the paint for the fork lowers, but the forks are actually pretty low mileage. They came off a track day bike of a friend, who swapped his front end for the upside-down unit off a newer 600RR. The front wheel and axle I got from ebay, but the wheel has a bend to it. It’s not bad and can be straightened. I did much worse to my race bike and had it straightened for $50. The brakes are stock with steel braided lines. The pads appear let than 20% worn. I can sell parts individually or as a set for a discount.

Prices are:

forks: $250 obo

Triple clamps: $100 obo

Brake calipers/lines: $200 obo

wheel/axle: $150 obo.

Go HERE for more and bigger photos

-Johnny K-

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