As I begin to load things up for my trip to Pikes Peak, I came across the letters and cards I saved that have come from those who chose to mail in their donations. People have had some really kind (and funny) things to say, and it’s been a lesson in life just getting to this point. People do believe in dreams. It seems so many of us cast our dreams aside because they are too far fetched, to expensive, or “other things” just got in the way. Here is a list of people I know who haven’t lost sight of what a dream really means.
Thanks to:

Richard Nowels
Cyrus Peralta
“Mad Moto” Mike Morley
Mary and Joseph Holly
Paul Duarte
Ken Kyler
William Case
Riley Harlton
Eddie Bright
David Beas

I’d also like to thank AMA Hall of Fame-er Eddie Mulder for pledging $100 if I meet him in the pits at Pikes Peak.

Michelle Baird also deserves a HUGE thank you for forwarding my original request, which at least equaled my own work by number of pledges from people I haven’t met.

My Mother and Father also deserve a huge thank you. I have been very big on not asking for any help from them since we all struggled so much in my younger years, but they offered up a huge level of support for this effort (despite my mother’s absolute disdain for “those crazy motorcycle races”).

Cheers to you all, and I will have a detailed race report in the coming weeks. Remember that my regular SRA-West Portland race is the week following Pikes Peak, so there will be a HUGE level of news coming through here in the end of July and early August.
Thanks for tuning in,

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