Season Finale Almost Here

Hi all,

Team Johnny Killmore is preparing for the last race of the season at Willow Springs Raceway Oct 17-18. There will be three teams coming to the Raceway that have not made it this year. That is the bad news. All of these teams are running modern, Formula 1 spec equipment and know how to use it. This makes it likely we will be further down the roster than I am used to which- after the debacle we had at our last race- puts an extra sting on the end of the year. I am really looking forward to this final race though; I can use the break. The demands of keeping this aged, hand-built machine in tune have drained me of any desire to be near it. I will summon my last bit of strength to attack the race course one last time before calling 2009, well… done.
My normal passenger- Vanessa McClure, will be unable to race this final round due to complications from a recent heart surgery. Chris Rizzo, my fill-in passenger from Portland (who has now completed over half the season, and is fast becoming a skilled passenger himself), will handle duties in the chair. He- for some odd reason- has always wanted to see Willow Springs. After having been to Portland Raceway, and Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, I dont know what he will think of this tiny desert facility with its very high speed layout. I am sure he will find it exciting the first time… everyone does.
On a final note, if you live in the California/ Nevada area, I highly recommend you attend this. Our drivers championship pits the two top men in our sport against each other in a winner-take-all final battle. With Bill Becker of Becker Moto Works leading by a single point over Wade Boyd of Subculture Racing, things will easily come down to the last lap (the passenger championship is practically decided, with Christine Blunk of Team Subculture likely to take the title). This will be a must see, and Saturday night the SRA will be hosting a fan-appreciation dinner/pot luck at our pit area. This will be a small and friendly get together to let our fans, family, and fellow racers know how much their efforts matter to us.

Come on out if you can, and stay tuned for more updates as they come.
Johnny K-

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