Happy Thanksgiving From Team Johnny Killmore

Best wishes to everyone out there for a smooth and safe weekend.

My time recently has been spent on things outside the race team. The first month of the off-season is hectic. This year I´ve been busy with the neglected areas of my life. My old SV650 race bike is undergoing an engine rebuild, which I have been doing a few hours at a time for over a week now. I had my first article published in Cycle News magazine, and have received 2 more assignments since then, so a lot of research is being done.

I have been working hard in a new band, with the vocalist from my last band. The music is in the same vein as Sarn, but with a different technical aspect to it. Couple this with upcoming studio work with another band, and you´ve got a recipe for late nights. December will allow me more time to start working on paint for the race bike (hopefully). I haven´t even been able to remove the battery and fuel; the bike is just sitting there neglected currently. I have already sourced several possible engines, and just need the money to actually buy one.

I have also started tapping resources to compete in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb for 2010. Registration needs to be completed in the next month or so, leaving me wondering if I will race a solo bike, passenger on a sidecar, or possibly find a sidecar to drive. Vanessa will not be able to compete with me, so I have sourced a few possible passengers; none with previous experience. Exciting to say the least..


Keep those you care about in mind this coming holiday, and never pass up a chance to re-kindle relationships that have been put on the back burner.



Johnny K

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Team Johnny Killmore

    1. johnnykillmore says:

      I just can’t tear up the suspension on the road racer. When the whole thing is paved, I’ll take the F2. I didn’t even think of asking Eric Whitney. I have one huge “YES” for a passenger, and she seems like a good fit, though she has no experience. We’ll see how it works out in the coming weeks.


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