Flat Track Racing in Vegas

Not saying I´m going to this or anything, but I sure as hell am thinking about it.


I  have far off plans to race my clapped out SR500 in vintage flat track. However, I mean very distant. Like as in no current time frame. It is a complete beater and needs new EVERYTHING, and I have my RD400 Yamaha project in front of it. Couple that with sidecar racing and PikesPeak, and there ya go.

However, I do enjoy blasting down the gravel roads on my way home from with the old beater. I actually decided to buy some cheapo dual sport tires so I can ¨practice¨ my flat track technique. Hey, it beats sitting in traffic.

The hosts of this evernt are the same organization that hosted the AMA flat track I went to not-too-long-ago (here). They also ran their own schedule in between AMA races, and were a hoot to watch. The vintage class looked very fun. Of course, I would not be able to take it seriously, with so much money tied up in the sidecar, and the risk of injury if I were fighting for points, but what a way to enjoy myself on a motorcycle again! Dont get me wrong; I love sidecar racing. However, when you HAVE TO HAVE good results, and you do all your own work, the stress adds up. To just go sling and old motorcycle around in the dirt is such a blessing. It´s the reason I fumble down dirt roads instead of taking the highway home. It the freedom people always equate to riding a motorcycle. Believe me, after ten years of street riding, you lose sight of ¨freedom¨ after almost getting hit by a soccer mom in a Suburban, sitting in traffic in 100 degree heat, or riding into a headwind when it´s 25 degrees out. To just get out there and cut lose like a moron, however, is very free-ing. I want to go do it right now, but my headlight sucks and it´s dark. Tomorrow though.

My buddy Jay saw Eddie Mulder´s vintage flat track when he came to watch me road race, and was really interested in it. And he like to play cards. Flat Track in Vegas?? I think I have a road dog to go with me….


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