An actual use for Twitter

Yeah, I didn´t believe it either. Normally used for 13 year old girls to decide what socks to wear, Twitter has a stigma about it. However, all it really is- as a concept- is a platform for short messages to be sent from a cell phone to people that  care what the sender has to say. With that said, I will be attending the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show this weekend (Dec 4-6). If the plan works out, I will be working an booth to promote the Sidecar Racer´s Association and will also be ¨on assignment. I will be working as a contributor for Cycle News Magazine (though, ¨freelance journalist¨ sounds so much cooler) thanks once again to Michelle Baird, who has done more good for me than anyone in recent memory. Seriously, from a simple e-mail asking for info on a sidecar photo, to helping me raise money for Pikes Peak, to getting me started in moto-journalism, to sacrificing her boyfriend as a monkey on my road-racer… talk about an A+ effort!!!

Back on topic though. I will be ¨tweeting¨ (I know, it´s lame, give it a chance) updates from the show, along with some camera phone shots of whats hot in the moment. If you live in an area  that doesn´t have the IMS by Cycle World, this is a good way to find out what´s new, what´s hot, and what kinda jazz you´re actually missing. I´ll blast out short messages as often as I find something interesting, but I´m pretty jaded. I´ve seen the ¨all-new¨ things they roll out. I´ll be looking for interesting stuff, or models that really are new, not just warmed over bikes with new graphics. I´ll be looking in the vendor areas, and maybe taking a demo ride on something totally unexpected.

Best part is, you don´t need to buy a Miley Cyrus poster and actually join Twitter, you just have to go to and view my activity stream to see very brief updates and maybe a photo or two (my camera phone is arcane, so bear with me). Don´t worry; I can´t make fun of you for logging in to Twitter…. I have my own account. Check it out Saturday at least; that´s when most the action is going down.


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