A couple weeks ago I got word my friend Lisa committed suicide. It was a serious shock. After years of battling cancer, she got a clean bill of health from the doc. A week later she took her own life. I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for friends to show for a memorial when my mom called. My tax man, who is a family friend and has known me since my early teens, had committed suicide. This of course was also a shock. This weekend, an old friend from the Marines contacted me to tell me one of our friends had been killed in Iraq. This happened in 2004, so it was odd the news came on the heels of these other deaths. I’m kind of spinning from all the news. This is all in the weeks following the anniversary of the death of John Bailey, who I served with in Iraq. He was a CHP officer and was hit by a drunk driver while conducting a traffic stop just a few months after we all returned from deployment.

There isn’t really much to say. None of them are linked, and it’s all coincidence. Nonetheless, it’s just odd how news like this comes all at once. There isn’t much to do about it other than to accept what is and carry on. I have a huge plate with my racing, music, and preparing for Pikes Peak. I just find myself trailing off while working on other things, thinking about all the people I know and have known. The close calls I’ve had and the blessings I have received.

Life is worth living. We all signed the waiver when we took on the job of being alive. The purpose is not to find purpose, but to live with purpose. Cherish your time in this plane of existence and never put being alive on the back-burner…


Johnny K-

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