Update 3/31/2010

So little time to write these days. I want to give more detail of my first race of the season, but I have writing duties for the whole club, along with the usual grind.

The main point I want to make is that the bikes is COMPLETELY different now. It handles so differently I have no fram of reference. I have an issue with the size and location of the airbox. It is so wide and hight that it pinches the arteries feeding my arms. After 3 laps they go numb, after 4 laps they lose even the strength to manipulate the throttle. I will be attacking that problem this wekend, hoping to simply redesign the lid to the airbox and the chest piece that surrounds it. After that the next problem is handling, which will take much more time to deal with. I can’t go into details, just know that I am working on it. My next race is a double-header, with races both Saturday and Sunday. It’s with AHRMA, a vintage racing series that really treats us well, and draws a crowd. I want to do well there, especially since it’s at the home track.


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