Pikes Peak Press Release

On June 27th over 100 motorcycles will join more than 50 cars and trucks in the 88th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The sidecar class will be represented by two very different machines.

Team Johnny Killmore will use the more commonly seen motocross-style machine, a Wasp sidecar with a Yamaha 750cc engine. Driver John T. Wood participated as a passenger in the 2009 event, failing to finish after a mechanical failure. Using the same machine, John will now move to the drivers seat, hoping his road-racing sidecar experience will transfer over. Further adding to the challenge will be a new passenger.

Giorgina Gottlieb has no sidecar experience, no prior racing experience, and until a few months ago, didn’t even own a motorcycle helmet. How did these two end up together? John explains, “once I knew my regular passenger Vanessa [McClure] wasn’t available, I just started texting and calling everyone I knew. I met Gina at a concert about a year ago and we kept in touch… I honestly didn’t think she would respond.” Her response was an enthusiastic “yes!” even before she was quite sure what she was getting into. “You just don’t say no to a chance to experience something amazing,” said Giorgina of the 88th annual “Race To The Clouds.

Also on the roster is the Hennessy Sport Cycle Unlimited class sidecar. Driver David Hennessy is a Pikes Peak veteran, and for the second year will use his Suzuki TL1000S with EML sidecar to charge the summit. Passenger duties will be held this year by Jeremiah Owsley. Handling issues slowed progress in the 2009 event, and the team is excited at the prospects of another race. After tire and geometry changes, the machine is expected to be much more predictable and stable.

Again supporting the sidecar teams is the Bristol Brewing Company, a fine craft beer company nestled in the lap of Pikes Peak.  For more information check out www.bristolbrewing.com. For more information on Team Johnny Killmore visit www.johnnykillmore.com. For more information on the 88th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb visit www.ppihc.com

Giorgina Gottlieb and John Wood will take on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb for the first time as a team.

John Wood raced as passenger in 2009, but will move to the driver's seat this year. Photo courtesy Artemis images.

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