FOR SALE: 1992 Husaberg FE-501

I am selling my training bike. I don’t ride it enough and I need the money for racing.

photos and a video of it running are here:


Here is a description I wrote up:

“I have owned this 1992 Husaberg FE-501E since about 2003. I used it as a supermoto racer until I was deployed to Iraq. When I returned I got into road racing and I have hardly ridden it since. The engine was pretty tired after being used for supermoto, so I did quite a bit to it while freshening it up. The piston was too small for the bore so I got a 2mm larger piston, same one found on later model years (so the bike is not technically a 501cc anymore). The cylinder was bored out to fit the new piston and nikasilled. I lapped the valves, replaced the seals in the top end (including the O-rings on the cam for the water pump impeller) and added the MX cam to get quicker engine response (original desert cam included). I raised the needle one slot and have only put about 5 hours on it since. Just enough to see it’s running healthy. The bike is a actually a bit rich (I’m at 2700 feet), so it might be best to just drop the needle back down. The bike has standard features such as 6-speed gear box, Ohlins shock, WP fork, and Brembo brakes. It has the auto-decompressor,as well as a manual decompressor (plus a hot start). The front brake is a bit mushy, but is still strong enough to lift the back wheel off the ground. The bike also has a full exhaust from Big Gun (original included).

Most unique about this bike might be the fact it is dual-registered in California. The bike wears a green sticker for off-road riding but actually has a bona fide California license plate, which I have kept in non-operational status since the first renewal came up. The bike had a Baja Designs dual sport kit, but the regulator/rectifier no longer works, I removed the headlight and turn signals as well. I only rode it on the street a few times as I lived in the city back then. The wiring is still in place though so if desired the buyer can replace the rectifier and put on the headlight again quite easily.”



Asking price $1300

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