The Season Is Over By The Way

I never bothered posting anything because the finale was so anti-climactic. We skipped Saturday practice at Willow Springs, and then it started raining Sunday morning. We were the only team to go out for the first practice session. There was a dry line from the previous group of bikes, but it went away by the 1st hot lap. By the second hot lap we were sliding a little bit here and there and only going about 60%. Coming out of turn 9 the chair wheel broke loose and I tried to play with the throttle to get it back, which just made the rear break loose and we went backwards. The bike slid for awhile like that until the front started to grip, which allowed me to steer back to 90 degrees sideways, with the chair leading. We went into the dirt, which was mud on top and dirt on bottom, and made a helluva mess. The race was called because only 1 team had wet tires.

I placed 2nd in driver points again, and Gina placed 5th in her first season as a passenger. Next year will be more of the same I reckon, but we will be testing different road tires during the season, as it’s the only way to test for Pikes Peak currently. Since we only have one set of rims, I would like to find all weather tires for the bike that can survive the week. So far pickin’s is slim, but there are some options. That’s a problem for another year, as I have a lot due for my schooling, and a lot of work on cars and bikes to do. The sidecar will have to be looked at January. Hopes were to start a fund-raising campaign in November, but like many things it has passed us by. The bike needs a massive amount of suspension and braking upgrades, and an entirely new rear suspension and wheel mounting assembly, or it will simply never be fast enough. We are driving the hell out of the little gal but she is out of her element. 2000’s power and rubber with 1980’s suspension and brakes is a woeful combination when precision is required.

We will be posting results from the off-season work as well as a full season recap next year. For December, I would like to just forget about sidecar racing and concentrate on schooling, family, and the heavy amount of reorganization coming my way next year.

In Liberty,

Johnny K-

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