Thoughts On Tape

People do still ask me from time to time, “why do you do it?” Racing. Why spend all that time and money to risk your life and health to go around in a circle faster than someone else? Well, I obviously feel that’s n oversimplification that totally misses the point. The goal in life has never appeared to me as a game of risk management. It has never looked like the winners took the least amount of risk. As best I can tell, the game is just a series of experiences, and the “winners” are those who are richer in spirit for the experiences they have had. Racing is simply a stage for this game to be played. It has very little to do with trophies or people waving different colored flags. It is an opportunity to move beyond what you think is possible; to move beyond yourself. As a sidecar racer, doing that with another person simultaneously  controlling the vehicle is pretty awe inspiring. Really though, none of this comes to mind while I’m in the bike holding the controls. The answer is so simple. Why do I do it? Because I choose to. I race because it is what I choose to do.

I was pondering this while watching a video today. It’s a video I’ve seen before, and I don’t know if it truly can convey what I’m saying. It comes as close as anyone can I suppose.  The idea isn’t really to beat the other guy. The idea is to see a limit so far ahead of you that it seems inhuman to surpass it, then to surpass it with such velocity that you fail to even realize it. In short, it is to make every second counts:

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