Pikes Peak Just Around The Corner

Man I can’t believe how quick things are approaching. Instead of trying to update the whole damned event, check out http://mylifeatspeed.com/archives/category/pikes-peak-international-hill-climb for lots of good video from many of the car team. The big buzz is having some of the vintage cars back for parade laps, and the electric car division. There is a slew of Unsers, and all-out record holder “Monster” Tajima has released some shot of his all-new electric car (scroll down on the link and you will see a video).
Paul Dallenbach is back with a 1100HP open wheeled car for the Unlimited division, and I’d expect to see a new record from him.
In the motorcycle division, testing has shown things very close between current record holder Carlin Dunne and previous  multi-timerecord holder Greg Trachy. Each was faster than the other in different sections on different days, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how this year’s event will shape up.
In my own class the sidecar division the field remains small, but close. Another “Super F2” sidecar like mine will be there, and will be piloted by 13-time Isle of Man TT racer Wade Boyd. The last time Wade and I raced together was more than a year ago on a tight race course in Las Vegas. He beat me on Saturday and I beat him on Sunday. There is really no telling what will happen there. I have the experience advantage with this being my 4th time to the Peak, but Wade has the advantage of being able to “read” a road he’s not familiar with and still be fast. He has a slight power advantage, but I probably have a slight handling advantage. Everywhere there’s give, there’s take, so look for some action there. Also of note in my class is Barnett Clutches. They are sending out their hospitality vehicle and display, but more important is who they have as a rep… AMA hall-of-famer and record holding sidecar racer Larry Coleman. It’s going to be awesome having that kind of history, and maybe it will spark some interest in running again at Pikes Peak (you know I’ll be hammering him on that the whole time).
Also new is a live webcast of the event. Bookmark www.ppihc.com for the live scoring during practice, and a live webcast for the July 8th race. Motorcycles will be launching first so I expect much less debris on the race course since motorcycles obviously don’t dip their inside wheels off the course to make turns. With good weather it should be more record setting, and the first year ever the event is all-tarmac. Definitely a year to watch.

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