Pikes Peak 2012: Day 1

I have to be brief since I am on an open connection, on a laptop with a broken screen, with a list of more important things to do than type. Internet is a constant problem, and none of the many apps I have tried to work with seem to do anything but produce error messages.

We are here, we went through tech, we practiced the middle section from below Glen Cove up to Devil’s Playground. The tires are not getting up to temp, but the grip is at least decent. Front end feel is nonexistent and any time we are above 80mph it’s completely nerve-wracking. On the upshot we are solid in left turns and stable on the brakes. The motor is running well, but we are about to switch fuels and are hoping the bike takes to it with no hassle. We did manage a spin already, but it was in a hairpin turn. We are working on drifting the bike because it will simply plow the front as we exit tight right turns. It’s proving better (not easier, better) to come in too fast and turn in hard with the brakes on and throttle closed. It puts the bike in to a slide and I can sort of steer it with the back end. Yes, it’s obviously not a good idea, but I don'[t hear you giving me any better ideas 🙂

I will not be ablee to upload any video while in Colorado, but we filming onboard. Unfortunately when a large fox jumped out and ran across the course, we had the camera facing rearward.. Interesting first day.

Also of note, the starting procedure has changed this year. We will be leaving 1-by-1 in the motorcycle division, on 10-15 second intervals. This will change the race significantly, as fans enjoy the side-by-side racing of the bikes (the cars go at 10min intervals from each other already). For sidecars it’s good news., We are too wide to effectively pass each other, and that means if you blow the start you will not get a clean run, unless the guy beside you is faster. Qualifying for bikes is Friday.

Live  timing is at http://www.ppihc.com but only on Friday for the bikes. A live webcast will happen Sunday, race day. I don’t know what coverage will be like. There will be interviews happening while we are on the race course, so it may not make the webcast. We may get good coverage also; who knows?





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