Gina came off the bike during Sunday pra

Gina came off the bike during Sunday practice Turn 2 Willow Springs. Her hands, fingers, and wrists all sustained injuries and she had to have one surgery already. I do not know what that means for the season but it can be assumed we will be missing several races while she recovers. We managed 3rd on old tires Saturday, and 2nd with passenger Michael Root on Sunday. I was really happy about the results but they are meaningless in the face of Gina’s get off. It was 5th gear top, so probably 130mph.

On the usual note I can report that our handling issues appear to be solved from an adjustment of the front wheel and a new steering damper. The engine is still misfiring and not delivering adequate power. Suspect the fuel pump and the injectors have already been cleaned and throttle position sensor set. No codes so maybe an internal leak of the pump. I will also need to check spark plugs, coils, and the cam position sensor. Next race is this Thursday and so I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything but change the oil. I don’t even have a back up passenger because this race is on a weekday.

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