Passenger Needed At Team Johnny Killmore

Despite knowing for over a year that co-pilot Giorgina Gottlieb was leaving the team at the end of 2015, it still seems a bit surprising we are already here. In order to pursue other interests, the time, money, and dedication needed to race full-time has to take a back seat for our long-time passenger. Gina made this decision at the beginning of the 2014 season, and the upcoming event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be her last time aboard the #187 sidecar.


A full-time passenger is a requirement for anyone looking to run consistent lap times, as even a veteran driver and passenger must learn each other’s style and the idiosyncrasies of the machine they pilot.  Team Johnny Killmore is not looking to run a full season in 2016, but still has plans to run 4-5 short circuit events and take a shot at the class record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Such aspirations mean a dedicated partnership. A passenger is not someone who rides around looking cool. The job requires commitments of time and money, and an “on the job” work ethic while at the track. Despite that, they have to realize the main goal it to have fun and go fast. In racing, going fast is having fun.

Team Johnny Killmore is looking for someone with racing experience and preferably sidecar racing experience to fit the bill. The ideal weight is 170lbs but anyone from 120lbs to 220lbs can do the job. Timing and intuition are the most important qualities on the track. Off the track, a passenger must be able to communicate effectively and cover 1/2 the costs of the expendables. Tires, entry fees, and tow fuel are the main costs, and get split equally.

Those interested can email to discuss particulars. The 2016 plan as of the moment is to run 3 AHRMA races (Willow Springs, Sonoma, Miller Motorsports Park) along with the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. That gives sufficient time to develop a cohesiveness and still allow for a life outside of racing.

Lastly, thanks are in order to Gina for the years of effort and risk, the huge outlays of money and time, and the true racing spirit. It has been a wonderful journey with a fair share of both highs and lows. It’s been a helluva ride.



The battle for the lead was intense at Miller Motorsports Park's East Course September 2013. Photo: Jean Caestrini
The battle for the lead was intense at Miller Motorsports Park’s East Course September 2013. Photo: Jean Caestrini











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