When We Were Knights

Co-pilot Matt Blank  is actually a pilot of sorts himself. As a stunt coordinator he does a lot of base jumping both with and without a wingsuit. To choose that as a day job obviously takes a rare perspective on life, death, passion, and what it means to be a living creature on this planet. GoPro has recently shared the following video which is impossible to watch without reflecting on friendship in all its forms. I could go on but lets have Matt explain it himself:


Directed and Edited by Anson Fogel
Primary Footage by Matt Blank and Ian Flanders
Produced by GoPro and Camp4 Collective
Music by Keith Kenniff / Unseen-Music.com
Sound Mix by Jeffrey Yellen / RidgelineSound.com
Color by Anson Fogel

Additional Footage Courtesy of: Sean Chuma, Renan Ozturk,
Joey Schusler, Kevin Bennett, Donald Schulz, Mike Naddor,
Dan Dupuis

Also appearing: 
Brenden Weinstein, Matthew Kenney, Cengiz Cocak,
Jill Kuzman, Domonique LaFleur, Charles Kurlinkus,
Dan Dupuis

"To Much Time On My Hands" by Styx, Copyright 1981
A&M Records, Courtesy Universal Music Group

All words written and spoken by Matt Blank are solely 
his without other authorship.

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