Fund Raiser Update– Great News!

We reached our goal!!! Thanks everyone who chipped in to get us to the mountain. Since we still have some swag packs from G-Form and Evolv, we are going to 
lower the dollar amount to at or below retail value. Both companies sponsor Matt in his rock climbing and/or stunt work, not his racing. That makes it extra-cool that they contributed to the Pikes Peak effort we are making this year.
So check out our GoFundMe page and see what’s available. I know several of my friends are rock climbers and plenty of you need safety pads just getting out of bed 😉
The additional funds will go towards a second rear tire since we are worried we will burn through the one we have. We will also purchase race fuel instead of pump gas to protect the engine as it exits slow corners at low RPM’s, and give a horsepower or two boost. After that we can order stickers to hand out during FanFest (kids love that stuff, and so does anyone who owns a toolbox) or get matching team shirts so we look more professional off the bike. After all, we are representing sidecar racers on the international stage.
Rage on!!!

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