Isle of Man TT Sidecar Race 2 Post Race Conference

Here is the press conference from today’s sidecar TT. Winners Ben & Tom Birchall lost their engine in race 1 after setting the outright sidecar lap record. That means they can leave with a win from race 2 but the year’s champion is the team of John Holden & Andy Winkle, who took the top spot in race 1 and second today in race 2. Tim Reeves & Patrick Farrance took 3rd after retiring in race 1.

Also of note is the second and third place finish of the Founds brothers in race 1. Brothers Peter & Alan Founds took second and third respectively as drivers, with passengers  Jevan Walmsley and Aki Aalto driving the chair for each of them. This is only their third TT and in their first appearance they had the best newcomer result in sidecar TT history, finishing 7th. We have much more to see from them but to be sure.

Race 1 was marred by sadness due to the loss of driver Dwight Beare (his passenger, Ben Binns, was taken to Nobles Hospital with a broken ankle) and race 2 also saw the loss of sidecar racing legend Ian Bell, a veteran TT racer and one-time winner of the sidecar TT. His passenger and son Carl Bell is reported as uninjured.

Sidecar Race 2 Press Conference:

Sidecar Race 1 Press Conference:

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