Almost Ready For Pikes Peak

Things are busy around the garage for sure. We found another crack in the frame and have to  scramble to get the wheels back on so we get take the bike to someone with a brazing torch. It will take some reinforcement. So far everything I’ve tried to get myself to fit into the bike better has failed. The smaller airbox I have is custom build for a 2004 engine and I have a 2005 now, and things are off by such a tiny margin.

As it sits I can’t really work the throttle when making tight-left turns. I have to climb over the engine and airbox to reach and then my arm is above the handlebar instead of behind it. It hasn’t been a problem at the last few races  because they were counter-clockwise. The tighter the turn the harder it is, and Pikes Peak has the tightest turns of any place we go.

On the upside I have the brake pedal more to my liking and I think I’ve found a place to mount the fire extinguisher. There is still such a long list, and of course I still need to get the trailer ready & all the small tasks like getting stickers made for everyone who donated to the fundraiser , swapping tires, and changing the oil. In fact, why am I on the internet writing blog posts? Back to work then…



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