New Team Johnny Killmore Swag!

To commemorate our triumph at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb the team has produced a special graphic and are taking pre-orders now. If you absolutely can’t wait and don’t mind paying Cafepress’s extortion prices you can order them right away in a multitude of colors.

But if you want to pay a little less for a T-shirt and have some of the money actually go to supporting Team Johnny Killmore, use the Custom order form here on Custom Ink’s website. You will still need to email us with your shipping address and name so that when we receive the entire order we can them ship out individual orders to each of our fans and friends.

PPIHC2016 bannerTshirt_white

The Custom Ink order runs through the last weekday of July before the shirts are produced, then are shipped to us and we will send them out individually after that. Anyone outside the continental US should contact us before ordering since shipping is included in the price. If you live outside our shipping area and place an order, you just bought us a T-shirt unless you want to come to San Francisco to pick it up.

Have a question about ordering? Leave it below in the contact form. This is not an order form. If you want to leave your shipping address an name after making the Custom Ink order please use this contact page instead.

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