Sidecars Return To Jay Leno’s Garage

[UPDATE 1: found the video teaser and added it inline. Added more links to previous segments with Bernard]

Jay Leno is definitely a gearhead, no questions asked. I have been to his garage several times and it features a collection that could be confused for a museum of rare machines, but when he starts to talk about the vehicles you can tell why he chose them… they have a unique character. Many car collectors choose machines based on collectibility (makes sense, right?), but Jay sees the mechanical presence of vehicles and gravitates toward their features. He has an obvious like for pre-war vehicles because of the unique way designers tried to solve problems.

Jay also has an obvious like when it comes to performance and speed. Modern racing sidecars have a great combination of raw speed and very unique approaches to problem solving. How do you make something handle properly when by its very design the center of gravity is off and the steering if offset & ineffective?

Because of these characteristics Jay has taken a keen interest in the racing efforts of his mechanic & shop foreman Bernard Juchli. Bernard already races two and four wheeled machines, but about four years ago he added sidecars to the list and has managed to add two national titles to his credit in the process.

Jay Leno’s Garage will host an episode about vehicles with anything but four wheels and it promises to have a sidecar segment in it for sure. NBC airs the show each Wednesday at 10pm Eastern time and July 6th will be the episode featuring vehicles that do without the standard 4-wheel set up. The show originally ran on youtube before NBC picked it up and this is also a good place to look for clips and segments, like this early one when Bernard first got into sidecar racing, or this update when he was still building his frame.

Tune in.

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