Prefer Weekly Updates?

Are you subscribed to my news page and would rather get updates weekly instead of in real-time?

Anyone who signs up through WordPress (meaning, using the “subscribe” button at the bottom of any page of my website) gets an email any time there is a new post. That can be annoying for people with quiet inboxes since my news page tends to activate in bursts, centering around each event I attend.

To avoid that, you can use Mailchimp to sign up for a weekly email that arrives each Monday morning. This will give you links to everything posted in the last seven days in an easy-to-sort-through format.


Just remember, if you’ve already signed up on the website you need to unsubscribe from that mailing separately. WordPress and Mailchimp are two separate services. Look for the unsibscribe option at the bottom of the next email you get. You can also just go to my website and at the bottom of any page it will say “you are following this blog.” Where it says “manage” you should be able to click and unsubscribe. And make sure to put into your address book as trusted or the confirmation email will end up in your spam folder for Yahoo! and your “promotions” tab for Gmail.

It’s a mad, mad world full of too many options. Just go with it…



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