Dakar Heroes Day 05

The Dakar Heroes video is turning into a daily treat. It answers questions you don’t know to ask. Questions like, “what do you do if it suddenly starts hailing,” or, “how do you clean the bike between stages if you have no support crew?”

Day five’s film answers the question, “what do you do if you need to take a poo during the race but you have cameras mounted to you?” I never would have thought to ask that, I assure you. Lyndon Poskitt narrates us through the process, then we get some onboard footage of his fall at the end of Stage 04 (1:51). We also get to see behind the scenes as Vincent Crosbie does his road book (2:51), then later watch Joey Evans discuss the nuance of navigating by following the car’s tire tracks (6:13). Navigation has to be the most under-reported struggle of Dakar.

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