Video: Willow Springs Sidecar Racing

sidecar racing save matt blank falls from sidecar187

Hot damn this is the coolest sidecar video I’ve seen in years. The season opener at Willow Springs Raceway saw me with not one but three rookie co-pilots. Jamie Crawford, Sean Delvin, and Mike Naddorius were all BASE jumping friends of my regular co-pilot Matt Blank. While they all knew speed and had no problems freezing up under pressure, they still had never been on a sidecar racer before and were being thrown into the deep end.

Willow Springs is at least an easier track, with only 9 turns in 2.5 miles. Still, with three people there was only so much time for practice sessions. This video shows the result pretty well. I took us from 1:46 lap times in practice to 1:37’s in the opening two laps. Co-pilot Sean Delvin had some road racing experience but as I took us from 11th to 1st in two turns, it was a scramble to readjust his timing to the higher speeds.

sidecar racing spin

In the end it was my fault for burning him out, and the 8-lap race meant we would fade to 4th place by the time the checkered flag flew. Sunday’s race with Mike Naddorius was a chance to try a different approach, and despite a massive high-speed spin in Turn 2, we saved it and finished 2nd.

But that isn’t what I want to call your attention to. I want to show you some amazing editing and drone work by Mike. The resulting vignette puts you right in the race, and creates a mood that makes me want to get back on the track. Check it out and make sure to give it a ‘like’ on Vimeo, and be sure to let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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Rage on!

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