Sidecar Racers: Hanging Out On The Job

sidecar racomg motoamerica

With no coverage of sidecar racing here in the US, we try to make our own. Some organizations have rules about what can be mounted and how it’s mounted, limiting what we can capture on camera.

No such problem existed when the SRA-West met up with MotoAmerica, the national Superbike series, at Utah Motorsports Campus. This random clip from Matt’s helmet-cam really gives a sensation of speed: of being on the bike and in the mix.

In this clip we are chasing Kelly Bell and Johnny Glover on the #69 Formula 1 sidecar. Just as we set up for the pass, Subculture Racing’s Wade Boyd/Christine Blunk come into frame, trying to pass us both.

Eventually we run out of room, but the dance continues. Matt is spot on with his transitions, so make sure to take note all you would-be co-pilots:


And for the record, we finished the day in 2nd place. There’s always next race!
Special thanks to MotoGuild, Debra McDaniel, and Suplerlite Cars.


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