Dick Hawes: The End of an Era

Dick Hawes Sidecar Isle of Man 1969 at Ramsey

The world of sidecar racing is pretty small, but there are still 100’s of names out there, each with dozens of stories. Dick Hawes is a name I did not know until today, when I came across this piece about him on the Steve English website.

The Isle of Man TT is quite well known to motorcycle racers and it happens to be the absolute pinnacle of motorsport for us on-pavement sidecar racers. Dick Hawes managed some impressive results there, taking a podium back when the race was part of the world grand prix series. That’s no joke, as sidecars of that era were still very hard to control and a suffered serious failures. To have carried on from the 1960’s all the way to 2008 is astonishing.

My best wishes to Dick and those who know him.

Dick Hawes Sidecar Isle of Man 1969 at Ramsey

One thought on “Dick Hawes: The End of an Era

  1. as above (Peterkins) says:

    the end of a legend. hi I knew dick very well as a racer but mostly as a friend I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. his only flaw was his generousity and trust he would give anyone anything help and trust everybody. unfortunately this led to his demise with people taking advantage of his kindness even some very close to him.sadly dick has passed now and we miss him dearly r.i.p. dick (ace) hawes a legend to the end.


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