Recent Writings

I know I haven’t posted here on my own news page in awhile, and it’s due to a combination of things. Bluntly, I’ve been trying like hell to earn a living while still running this sidecar race team.

I’ve been earning a paltry amount here and there moving furniture, organizing wine collections, wrenching on bikes, and assorted gig work. But freelance writing is still throwing me a few bones as well, and that’s at least on a topic that people will be interested to hear about.

The only published pieces I have to share currently are these two pieces I wrote for the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney’s blog. First up is an industry spotlight on BOMONSTER, an artist and art director who is pushing the freelancer shopping cart down the sidewalk as well. His work is way more eye-catching than mine though, and so the piece wrote itself. I enjoyed the 45-60 minutes we spent talking and had a hard time keeping the article to a manageable size. Look for it here.

Scratchboard art of a motorcycle and hotrod car on a dry lake bed
Copyright BOMONSTER.

The other piece I did was an event report on the Super Hooligans flat track race here in San Francisco’s Pier 32. The event was called the Moto Bay Classic and had punk rock bands TSOL and the Vandals along with headliner the Eagles of Death Metal. The main attraction was racing of course, and the action was fantastic. Learn more about the event here.

Hooligan motorcycle racing on a flat track in San Francisco
Photo: Johnny Killmore.

Pretty soon there will be another piece up about my time with the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis. This year I was again working with the official ride photographer Sara Liberte, piloting a sidecar so she could get excellent ride shots. I’ll share a few with you now because they’re too good to keep to myself, and I will add a link to the story when it goes live [edit: here is the link].

I was fortunate to be involved. Thanks to Dave Frey for giving me the call once again. It was once more an epic undertaking and also challenging. Piloting a Ural sidecar on some wild trails in Moab, Utah was a surprisong skills test for me. Going 130mph in a sidecar is not the same as taking on down slock rock at 5mph.

I was humbled to meet this group of vets and I’m still processing everything I learned, saw, heard, and the people I met. I’m also excited to be a part of AdventureVet, which is still forming but is exactly the type of thing I was looking to create myself, except bigger and more epic.

I’ve got plenty to talk about with my sidecar racing as well but it’s going to have to wait. I’ve got work to do on so many things right now and the day is already growing long.

Until next time,

Photo: Sara Liberte
Motorcycle sidecar Ural rides off road in Moab Utah with motorcycle in background on trail.
Photo: Sara Liberte.
Camera woman shoots photos of a motorcycle on a highway, from a sidecar.
Photo: Johnny Killmore.
Motorcycle riders and sidecar riding in the rain on a highway road.
photo: Sara Liberte.

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