Some Photos From The Moto Beach Classic

A Ducati motorcycle flat track hooligan racer negotiates a turn on a race track.

I did an article for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys about the action at the Moto Beach Classic, aka the Surf City Blitz. It was on the beach in my home town of Huntington Beach so I had to go based on that alone. I’ll spare you the details because the article has those.

Thing is, when you shoot photos for two days you end up with a lot that isn’t suitable for print but is still pretty cool. I threw up some of my favorite 2nd-string pictures in a Smugmug gallery to share with folks.

These are shots that were redundant, too blurry, had a distraction in the background, or were good pictures but didn’t help drive the story forward. After all, photos are supposed to supplement writing, despite the short attention span of most internet readers. Are you still reading? Wow, way to go. Pat yourself on the back then check out the gallery and some of the captions I wrote explaining why they didn’t make the cut.

I will post a link to the article once it goes live so check back for that.

a Harley Davidson motorcycle hooligan flat track racer waits on the strating line while gesturing.

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