Veterans Charity Ride: Follow the Ride

Motorcycle riders and sidecar riding in the rain on a highway road.

It’s that time again y’all. I’ll be back on the road to Sturgis, piloting the camera bike for Sara Liberte and acting as a veteran mentor and knower-of-sidecar-things for the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis.

Sara Liberte shoots photos from a moving sidecar

For those of you who are unaware, the VCR takes wounded and amputee veterans on an epic ride to the most famous motorcycle rally in the world. It’s about getting out of the house, out of the patterns of thought that hold you down, and into the wind. Motorcycle Therapy is a thing of its own and happens without the need for structured therapy and the other types of activities that make some people shut down emotionally.

This is my third year, and for 2019 we will be taking a new-to-us route, starting in Salt Lake City on the 22nd of July and heading straight into Moab. This will give us more time to explore what the state has to offer, spending time riding offroad, horseback riding, rafting, and just plain ol’ getting to know each other.

veterans stand in front of sign with motorcycle sidecar

We then get to spend even more time than usual in Colorado, including a trip up America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak. I haven’t been the that mountain since setting the sidecar record in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2016. This will be my first time taking a sidecar up it without the need for speed being a priority. I’m looking forward to connecting with local friends and some slower speeds so I can actually look around and take in come of the views besides the road immediately in front of me.

The route is on the VCR’s website so take a look and if you’re in the area, ride with us for a section. And if you can’t make it out be sure to follow along via social media. I will be posting to the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney’s Instagram profile, and I’m sure they will cross-post some of it to their Facebook page as well.

And of course the VCR’s page will have updates as well.

I’m looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones, but it’s a special privilege to also be able to share the experience via words, photos, and videos. It’s a chance to show veterans and non-veterans, motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists, what motorcycle therapy can do for people.

I hope you’ll follow along.

VCR 2015 State line veterans charity ride indian motorcycle

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