Season Opener Closing In

Too late and too tired… front and rear suspension is installed. Brakes installed but must pump fluid through them. Radiator installed. Handlebar installed. Thats it though. This weekend I will get the engine and fuel system in. The thing will be ready to go, and I’ll just have to deal with bodywork. Two mounting holes need to be filled in and new ones drilled, which is very messy and time consuming. Today I managed to get my street bike running again; I removed the trick racing brakes off the front to put on my siudecar, and hadn’t put another one on my street bike yet. It has handlebars on it now so I can actually sit up on the damn thing. I will ride it to work in the next few days to ty it out. I have an old Yamaha I normally ride to work so I can take dirt roads when traffic backs up.

There’s my update. Now  I gotta sleep. 16 more days until we hit the track.


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