Bike broke on the way to work Monday. Limped home. Already late so I just took the day off to go to the dmv. SIX HOURS LATER I walk out after doing a SEVEN MINUTE transaction. APparently the ENTIRE state of California’s DMV computer system went down.

So then my second bike wont start. Fiddle with it and get it running, stop in for a burder cuz I’m in a hurry. Bike wont start again. Fiddle and get it started, get home. Now I have two screwed up motorcycles and a sidecar that’s in pieces. I finally got one of my bikes sorted, but had to deal with it all night instead of working on the sidecar.

Over the weekend I got the engine in, but not the exhaust or wiring harness, so it is not running like it was supposed to be. The bodywork HAS TO get finished by the weekend, so paint can go on it. I am SERIOUSLY behind schedule.

All I care about is sleep….

Im outta here.


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