Anyone Have a Racebike That Needs Racing?

So I’ve asked for help via the internet quite a few times in the past. Almost always it comes in the form of an official fundraiser. I also asked for 401k retirement advice and ended up with the most awesome lady in the world to handle my taxes, in the form of Debbie McDaniels (if you need tax work done let me know, I can get you connected). I’ve asked for advice on welding and I’ve needed random electronic parts while I was 4 states away and got connected to perfect strangers. Hell I even got a little slice of paddock space at the Isle of Man TT to set up a tent when I went there (Aaron Galligan you are awesome). Suffice to say that the interwebs have been good to me, which leads me to ask an even more random question… anyone got a race bike that needs racing?

The SRA-West sidecar season starts in just under 3 weeks and I will not have a sidecar. I’ve tapped every resource I could think of and it just isn’t going to happen. The SRA-West does run with solo bike clubs (that’s 2-wheeled motorcycles for the uninitiated) which means I could head down to the AHRMA Moto Classica April 24-26 and simply enter their racing on two wheels, while also handling my presidential duties for the sidecar guys. AHRMA takes everything from CB160’s to Ducati Panigales. They run 2-stokes and supermotos and hand-shift pre-war ironheads.

If you have something race-prepped that doesn’t have a rider– epsecially if you are already planning on attending– let’s work something out. C’mon internet, don’t fail me now. I just dug my knee pucks out of the closet and found my race boots.


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