Adventure Comes In Many Forms

Adventure does not have to be chasing distant horizons or cheating death. I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions and one reason so many people are unhappy with ordinary existence; they fail to see the adventure they can seize all around them. Taking up that hobby, joining that group, volunteering at that organization, or taking on that project or class. Keeping a promise to yourself that you’ve been putting off for a long time is an adventure in itself, or at least the beginnings of one.

This team didn’t spend too long formulating their plan. Their grandfather, a World War One pilot, still had some parts from his aircraft kept as souvenirs. When they came across these parts in his garage, they formulated a plan to build an exact replica of his aircraft and fly it from the same field their grandfather flew from during the battle for Gallipoli. Why. Because. That’s why. Stories like this tend to inspire people whether they have an interest in the subject matter or not. That’s because the story is about people taking on something bigger than themselves. It’s the thing we all say we are going to do… when we find the time.


Their Blog, with updates, photos, and cool bits of history.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Comes In Many Forms

  1. Gene Newman says:

    Outstanding story, I’d like to fly that thing when those blokes get all the pieces glued and screwed together. Quite an interesting aircraft and work to preserve a family’s and a nation’s history. Well done.


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