First Impression: NUVIZ Heads Up Display


During the Veterans Charity Ride this August I was given a NUVIZ heads up unit to try out. This was a cool opportunity, seeing how my Sena 10C was on the fritz and heading back to the manufacturer under warranty at the time.

The NUVIZ isn’t exactly competition for the Sena since it has several features the 10C lacks and vice versa, while also sitting in a very different price category. I’ve only been playing with the NUVIZ for a month now but have been most impressed with image quality and battery life. The weight of the unit and its current lack of video modes  are the biggest drawbacks I’ve seen at this early stage.

Photo: Sara Liberte

Still, features are constantly being added and the unit is operated through a smartphone app, so its potential is limitless. There’s no reason for me to rehash all the same details again though since I shot a 1080p quick-review on the NUVIZ already.

I will shoot more detailed breakdowns of the features as time goes on, but currently I am only using the video, still image, and music features. For testing purposes I will go in depth with the other features (making calls, offline maps, etc). See the video below for my initial thoughts on the NUVIZ.

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