Route Report: San Francisco’s East Bay

east bay loop nuviz onboard

Greetings Earthlings,

I had a piece go live a few days ago that I wanted to let you know about. This was my first post for the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Blog. It’s a pretty decent sized piece that shows off my favorite loop through the inland side of the San Francisco Bay.

I really enjoy this route since it can be customized for length/time and it keeps you out of traffic for the most part. As a native to the sprawling Los Angeles/Orange County area, I appreciate the ability to be out in the “nowhere-ness” so quickly. Down South, even when you are out in the hills or mountain roads, there is traffic on the weekends or during commute times. You can be 70+miles away and still be sitting behind a line of cars and a tour bus or RV.

sunset road landscape

So check out the piece and tell me what you think either there or on here… of the route or the writing. I’m hoping locals will turn me onto some stops or side roads that I don’t know about. Also, take note of the onboard photos; they were shot on the NuViz heads-up display unit I’m testing. I’m hoping to get a detailed review out in a few more weeks.

shadow motorcycle

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