NUVIZ Heads Up Display: Unboxing

NUVIZ and controller

Greeting earthlings.

I bring to you a youtube video I made showing the NUVIZ heads up display, a super-wizz-bang-number-one-happy-lucky-do-everything magic box. I have been using the device since August and already have a video showing my initial impressions, but I wanted to actually show the unit itself and not just what it’s capable of doing.

NUVIZ close up detail camera

I primarily use the NUVIZ for shooting photos and video, but it also pairs to your smartphone and can make/receive calls, play music, navigate, and even give you speed warnings. It does a lot of stuff automatically and has both internal storage and a micro-SD card, along with its own ride-tracking, accelerometer, and GPS. The camera shoot 8-megapixel images of great quality, but also sends photos in 2MP form straight to your phone while you ride. This lets you upload easily to social media while on the road.

This new video is only an unboxing, to show you what comes with the unit and to give you a closer look at the individual components. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section and also subscribe to the channel or to this blog so you are notified when I add my more detailed review. After four months with the unit I have learned quite a lot about it and have some praise and gripes I’m looking forward to sharing.


photo: Sara Liberte


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